Saturday, November 3, 2012

Senator Creepy and the Slenderman Portal

Another long one.  Originally written on the way back from Arkansas.  A little after 2am, I was driving south of Montgomery, Alabama on US 231, wired on very bad (but very strong) truckstop coffee.  I had been on the road for ten hours, without A/C, and under the constant threat of truck break-downage.  I passed a brightly-lit 1950s-era motel near Brundidge and the video wrote itself:  Me, Fruity, and a few others would be trapped at a vintage motel, and hijinks would ensue.  There would even be a Beastie Boys tribute.  At the time I thought it was hysterical.  However, that which seems funny at night doesn't always seem so funny in day.  By the time the rewrites were done, only the motel remained from the original script.

Most of the backgrounds in the video (the motel rooms, the creepy catacombs, and the motel's neon sign) are computer-generated.  

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