Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aliens Vs Senators

Some things will (sadly) always be relevant ... Another boyhood fantasy come to life.  After doing the fembots, the next greatest avatar from my childhood was the aliens.  Once I had decided to make the video, it wrote itself in a matter of hours.  I built the facehugger first, and actually had expandable breathing sacs on the sides, which would inflate and deflate by blowing into some holes on the back.  Building the full-grown alien warrior proved much easier than actually wearing the full-grown alien warrior.  The close-up alien mouth with inner striking teeth proved the most difficult to do, but it was all cardboard, spraypaint and aluminum foil.  I had started work on an egg (for to deliver the facehugger to the unfortunate senator), but three weeks had already passed, and I figured it would look just as good to have the facehugger to climb over the side of the couch anyway.

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